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Application Development with PHP and CodeIgniter

Recently we’ve been developing an interactive online application for a financial services organization. It aims to assist users understand their particular financial choices and make smarter decisions. The application takes the shape of an interactive game in which users can comprehensive learning missions such as watching a movie or setting economic goals. Here’s precisely how it works: after completing each mission, the user can claim an area on the game’s exclusive treasure map. At the conclusion of the video game, the user containing claimed the spot closest to all the hidden treasures is victorious the prize.

During the past we’ve developed similar projects with all the PHP and MySQL technology stack. For this kind of project we’re furthermore using PHP in addition to MySQL, and have elected to utilize CodeIgniter as a PHP codeIgniter development services composition. CodeIgniter provides a foundation for effectively developing applications with all the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, and provides additional features such as simplified data entry, built-in form affirmation, and standardized stability components.


Using the CodeIgniter Framework

My personal primary expertise is with Microsoft’s OR ASP. NET development program, so when start this project the experience with PHP has been limited to not many small-scale web sites. I was excited to find out about the rewards that CodeIgniter would certainly offer over traditional PHP development. During the course of this project I’ve become quite comfortable and pleased about CodeIgniter and PHP being a development platform. An important assortment of tools are offered to help using development and analysis of PHP applications, and I’ve found that the CodeIgniter framework is really a robust platform using solid community support.

One of the most valuable community advantages to CodeIgniter that will we’re using with this project is the particular CodeIgniter Modular Extensions (MX) package. Previous to adding these plug-ins I was obtaining difficulty with reusable site components, such as the page header. This was leading to signal duplication and uncomfortable workarounds. The Modular Extensions package gives a clean and elegant solution by giving a means of defining an outside model, view, and controller for sub-sections of any page. These reusable web theme can fully encapsulate individual regions of a page, which range from data access reasoning up through HTML age group. The Modular Extensions package has enabled development of any more maintainable in addition to clean application together with the CodeIgniter framework.

Overall, CodeIgniter offers a solid platform intended for development of PHP applications. The framework is familiar to developers who may have worked with different MVC platforms and many helpful features from the box. The community support for the two PHP and CodeIgniter addresses many common problems, and I am pleased about the overall growth experience.

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One point of contention We’ve with php CodeIgniter is that it doesn’t fully embrace many concepts commonly approved as application development best practices. As projects grow bigger and complexity, certain aspects on the framework limit the opportunity to develop understandable and also maintainable code. One example is, CodeIgniter primarily features three types of logic-oriented objects: controllers, designs, and libraries. Controllers are responsible for managing the user’s request and generating the suitable response. Models primarily deal with data access. Libraries supply a means for code re-use throughout the application. However, none of those objects are suited to containing the difficult business logic on the application, which brings about bloated controllers, designs, or libraries. A perfect solution might involve a different business layer that encompasses a multitude of classes. Unfortunately CodeIgniter doesn’t supply a place for such a collection of classes to exist from the box. Although we’ve since developed any work-around for achieving these needs, it would be preferable for your framework to support a more free-form logic layer as an alternative to attempting to require that most code be located within few pre-defined objects.

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Understandably shortcoming I would definitely consider CodeIgniter for future projects. Even so, I feel it might also be wise to investigate a few of the alternative PHP development frameworks, as they may provide a a lot more complete solution. However, I have enjoyed the experience of developing this specific project and expect continued PHP development.

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